Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Weekly weigh in. Week two.

So this week I was expecting a gain. 

There is a situation in my life that is very difficult to put up with and I seem to have a tendency to eat my emotions. 
So it was with much trepidation that I faced those scales this morning.

However, to my surprise there was no gain, in fact there was a very slight loss ... 6oz, yay me!!! .... but what was really interesting to me, was the changes that appear to be taking place in my body.

The body fat and body water measurements made me do a double take. I thought I'd read it wrongly. 

Let's jump right in and look at those stats.

10st 0lb 2oz (140lb, 63.5kg)


Body fat

Body water

Last week:

10st 0lb 8oz (140lb, 63.5kg)


Body fat

Body water

I'm so glad I have these scales because if I had just weighed myself on a normal scale I would have thought I had just had a maintain and maybe felt a bit like giving up or not felt so motivated but seeing those stats shows that actually my body is going through very definite changes still and very positive changes that really, actually are a big deal within my weight loss journey. 

So,  happy days!!

Who would have thought you could be so very happy with a maintain, haha


Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Weekly weigh in. Week one.

Weigh day.

I've had quite a good week and really enjoyed my meals. 

I managed to keep my water intake around the 2,000mls or slightly over, although that's still a mix of plain water and tea.
I'm hoping as the weather gets warmer that it'll get easier to do more plain water and cut back a bit on  the tea.

As soon as I knuckle down to the plan though, it's like this switch comes on in my head that says "Crave chocolate" and so I do.
I caved in yesterday and ate TWO crunchies, which the day before weigh in isn't ideal. 

Anyhow, the results!!

10st 0lb 8oz (140lb, 63.5kg)


Body fat

Body water

Last week:

10st 2lb 0oz (142lb, 64.5kg)


Body fat

Body water

So considering I tried to sabotage myself with the non synned crunchies, I'm pretty pleased with the results.
Onwards for another week now.
I'm just longing to see my weight start with a 9 now, I really am, so hopefully that will keep me focused for this week.

I CAN do this!! 

Have a great week. 


Wednesday, 14 March 2018

I CAN do this! I WILL do this!!

So my 12 weeks at slimming world came to an end and it was actually a relief.
No reflection on the plan or group or anything like that. It was my life that due to circumstances here made giving attention to me and concentrating on healthy eating just about impossible.

So no more SW group for the moment.
I've played around for a few weeks, comfort eating etc but today, I'm drawing the line and I'm getting back on track. 

I weighed myself today and I'm a stone lighter than when I first started. 
I refuse to creep back up and lose that progress.
That's not happening. 
I refuse to allow myself to give in. I CAN do this! I WILL do this!

So I'm back to blogging, I'm back to writing everything down and I'm back on track. 

So let's look at today's weight and compare to my starting weight. 


10st 2lb 0oz (142lb, 64.5kg)


Body fat

Body water


11st 2lb 6oz (156lb, 70.76kg)


Body fat

Body water

I can see I need to really get cracking with my water intake as well. So I'm going to try hard with that. 
Once the weather improves I hope it will a whole lot easier but until then, I'm just going to do all I can to stay focused and stay determined!! 


Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Recipe of the week! Week 2 SW recipe.

I tried two slimming world recipes this week.
SW fanta gammon/ham in the slow cooker and SW crustless quiche.

We have a family sized slow cooker, so I was a bit disappointed to have to use a whole full sized bottle to fill it!
I didn't look at the amount but I'm assuming those bottles are around 2 litres.

So first step is to remove the ham from all It's packaging. Take off any fat, then put into the slow cooker and cover in fanta.
The fat running through the middle was removed after.

As you can see in the picture, it was fizzing away around the ham.

So it went in for 7 hours on low and I served it with baby potatoes in their skins and a mix of vegetables.

The meat was literally falling apart, very tender, and it definitely had a different taste to it.  I quite liked it, but I wasn't mad about it.
I could take it or leave it, it wasn't like the diet coke chicken where I thought it was delicious and I know I'll do that again. 
Whether I will this one, I don't know. 
I'm not sure. I would be just as happy with normal ham, so it's unlikely.

The second meal, the crustless quiche, was a lot quicker to make and cook.

So I chopped the bacon, mushroom, tomato, onion and peppers and cooked them up in a pan.

Next I mixed up the cottage cheese and chive with the eggs and I think I put a bit of garlic as well. 

I don't have a flan dish, so I used a pie dish, put a layer of the bacon and veg

then half the cottage cheese and egg mix

Then I did the same again and it filled the dish right up. 

I then decorated the top with some more tomato

Then I popped it into the oven and hoped for the best! 

The end result:

It was absolutely delicious!!
I'll definitely make this again.
I purposely didn't add cheddar cheese or salt and pepper etc as I just wanted to know what it tasted like plain and I actually think it was nice enough as it was.
I loved it! Yum!!

Looking for next week's now.


Monday, 20 November 2017

Enjoying food SO much, but without the guilt!

I'm having such a good week with my food and really enjoying eating so healthily. It's so great as well to have no guilt.

Usually it's a case of feeling bad after a good meal and maybe regretting choices while feeling bloated and gross.
Either that or feeling bad because I've just grabbed a pizza or packet meal for quickness.

Not now. I feel SO much better. I'm really enjoying eating 'real' food.
I like planning what to make.
I don't even mind cooking from scratch, in fact I really like it.
The only down side is the amount of washing up we're left with after, haha.

I've tried two SW recipes this week and also just tried to eat a good amount of salad or vegetables with my meals.

I've decided I like keeping a food diary.
It definitely helps to keep me focused and I'm planning to continue even after the first four weeks of handing in diaries to my SW consultant ends.

Speaking of slimming world, I got a lovely email today from the head office asking how I was getting on and making sure I didn't need anything.  Wasn't that nice?

Anyway, a few of this weeks meals ...

Yummy or what?!


Friday, 17 November 2017

Recipe of the week! Week 1 SW recipe.

I decided Im going to try and make at least one SW recipe a week, or at least a new variation of one I've already tried.

So week one's recipe was SW diet coke chicken.

I've been curious about this one but was just unwilling to try it when I did SW last time, so with my new decision of trying new things I decided to make this the first one on my list.

So here it is!

I really enjoyed making this.

I stuck to the exact recipe, but you could add anything that you wanted really and so I do plan to make this again with different vegetables at some point.

It looks quite liquid while cooking.

But it reduces down towards the end to a lovely thickish sauce and it tastes delicious!!

I was reminded while cooking this, of exactly how much I enjoy cooking from scratch, if only time and life allows!

Anyhow, week ones SW recipe was a resounding success, so a big thumbs up from me for this one!! 👍

I'm looking through to choose one for week two now!

All part of the excitement of this better way of eating and it's helping to keep me focused and on plan as well.

All good stuff


Weekly weigh in. Week 1

Weekly weigh in. Week 1:

11st 0.5lb

Last week for comparison:
11st 1.5lb (starting weight)

1lb loss.

Wednesday night was my first official weigh in.

I wasn't disappointed exactly, because it's kind of the usual for me, but I had felt hopeful, that considering how good I had been and how strict on myself, that I might of had a little more of a loss that I did, so in that sense I s'pose I was a bit disappointed.

We're doing food diaries the first four weeks, so if I'm making a big mistake anywhere, she can point it out for me, so that's good.

Anyhow we will continue on. I'm still feeling very motivated, so we will see what this week brings ....

Every loss is a step forward to my goal!