Monday, 28 April 2014

Weekly weigh in. Week 2

And the news is .....

I maintained!!

Yup, I stayed the same.

Now this probably sounds quite depressing but it actually isn't.
My scales say I weigh the same but my body fat has gone down by 1% and my body water has gone up by 1% and the thing is, weird as this sounds, I do actually feel lighter.

When I was talking to C the other day, my friend who is doing the diet/eating plan along with me, we both agreed that we don't actually care what we weigh, it's how we feel and how our clothes fit that we really mind about.
So the fact I feel lighter, even though I'm not, makes me feel good still, lol

This week I'm trying to do it without saving all my syns for the weekend. I might save a few, but not a great big amount like I did last week and we'll see if that makes a difference.

I would love to see a loss of course and I'm still aiming for a certain weight, but I'm not depressed like I would have been at one time.

So, a new week and let's see what we can do this time!!

Have a great week everyone.


Friday, 25 April 2014

Syn saving

So today is Friday and I've managed to get through the week so far using just 12 syns.

3 for some quorn sausages I had one day and 9 on a crime egg!!
Yes, the creme egg has been renamed. haha
I was messaging my friend about our days, as we're both on this eating plan and my ipad decided to change what I was typing to crime instead of creme. So being as we're dieting, eating chocolate could be considered a bit of a crime, plus it has to be syned, it made us laugh and 'crime egg' it's remained. lol

So I have 58 yummy big syns left for today, Saturday and Sunday!! Wooohooo. :)

I do worry a bit that because I do it this way rather than even it out over the week my weight loss will suffer on the Monday weigh in, but it didn't seem to make a difference last week, so I tried it again this week. If I don't lose anything, I'll have to rethink my syns. Oh it's lovely though, to get to the weekend and know you can have treats.

This week has been a busy week, so I haven't taken any pictures but hopefully next week will be better and I can put a few things up to show you.

Over the holiday weekend I had to have my youngest son to the emergency dentist at the hospital because the inside skin at the corner of his mouth had become impaled on the hook on the brace bracket on his top canine tooth!!
He was in a lot of pain but they managed to get the cheek off and we had to keep the hooks covered with wax until we could get to his orthodontist on Tuesday.

Then I've been helping my mum sort some things out which has meant going out to appointments. She is amazing, she does so well.

Anyhow, the upshot of that was that I didn't have time to pick at anything during the day but the downside is I didn't manage to drink quite as much water as I wanted either.
I'm trying to improve my body water and drink more.

The scales I weigh on tells me my weight, BMI, body fat and body water.
I have to get my weight, BMI and body fat down and my body water reading up!
So best I go get a glass of water and get on with it!!


Monday, 21 April 2014

Weekly weigh in. Week 1

First weigh in and it's good news.

Lost 2lb!!!!!


So happy.

Oh, and I've made an agreement with Steve. He will give a £1 for every lb I lose but if I put a lb on, I pay £1 back.

Good incentive to keep with it.

Ok, week two here I come!!!!


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Weekly review.

So this week has actually been easier than I expected it to be, except for one day, maybe Wednesday or Thursday, when I really struggled.
I think lack of syns played a part in that though. It would probably have been better to use my syns over the week for the first week or so but I really wanted to save them for a chocolate treat and some wine.

Well I have eaten some lovely healthy meals and really enjoyed them.
I love omlette and have enjoyed a few with different fillings.

I've had jacket potatoes and pasta, quorn and toasted sandwiches, made in the sandwich press with bread from my HEb choice and healthy fillings. The good thing with the sandwich press is you don't need to butter the bread at all, so it's yummy and filling but not off the plan at all.

It's really been enjoyable and I haven't even found it hard to say no thanks to treats such as these

But I haven't deprived myself as I've enjoyed my syns and am now left with only 10 1/2 for today.

I enjoyed some maltesers, 9 syns

A yummy glass of wine. 7 syns

And the absolute treat of treats .... a cadbury creme egg!!!

I was given that as a present from my dear and lovely friend who is also on her own weight loss journey.
Wasn't that so amazing of her?
I can tell you I nibbled and savoured each morsel of it.
I've also decided that at 9 syns, the same as 37g of maltesers, I'm convinced the creme egg wins hands down for comforting chocolately synfulness!!!

So tomorrow is going to be my first weigh in and I've already decided that even if I've got no loss yet, I'm sticking with it and keeping focused, so if you're following my journey, tune in tomorrow for week one results.


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Am I skinny yet???

So I started Monday as I said and by lunch time this just about sums me up!!! lol

It's quite funny really because it's not that I eat any more usually, it's just that I couldn't pick at anything I wanted, I had to stop and think.

I stuck with it though and by the end of the day I felt I had made a good start. :)

I'm following the slimming world plan as much as I can because I've had success with it in the past and so I'm sort of comfy with it.

So on Tuesday my eldest son decided he wanted to take me out for a subway. I tried to explain I'm on a diet now but he pointed out I could make healthy choices and plus he wanted us to go for lunch together ...

So here I am in Subway....

I made sure to keep within my diet and I think it wasn't too bad.
I had the turkey and ham with salad, no sauces or anything.

He offered me chocolate as well but I'm proud to say I stood firm over that one, although my conscience makes me admit I stole a couple of his chilli doritos.

It's now day three and I'm still on track. :)

I'm saving my syns to have a glass of wine and a chocolate treat at the weekend and hope that won't affect my weigh in on Monday morning.
One thing I am realising is, I don't drink enough ... and I don't mean the ole vino either, lol ... nope, I need to start getting more into water again.

Can a cup of tea count as water?? That would help.

Anyhow, I'm taking my marginally more healthy bod off to clean out the budgie and the hamster now.
The joys of pet ownership, haha.


Monday, 14 April 2014

The start of the challenge!!!

This blog is for me to see my weight loss journey, to record the highs (I hope to have some of these!!!) and the lows (I'm expecting these for sure) and to look back over and hopefully gain motivation.

I've tried to lose weight before and just given up as I really seem to struggle at shifting the weight now days, no matter how good I try to be.
I think the time of life I'm in, my health issues and general life style all contribute to this.

Well now I'm seeing just how dangerous to me this extra weight is and I really know things have to change now or I'm in big trouble.

So after much needed encouragement by a lovely friend, I'm starting afresh. I weighed myself today and found to my horror I am only 1lb lighter than I was at my heaviest when pregnant with my second son. Considering I was massive at that time, due to his health issues, this has been a big wake up call. I don't want to fail before I even start, so I'm setting myself small goals so I can have some hope of getting there!! So 7lb is the first one. Hoping for a lb a week, if possible. I'll weigh myself again next Monday and hope for good things!!!!

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