Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Am I skinny yet???

So I started Monday as I said and by lunch time this just about sums me up!!! lol

It's quite funny really because it's not that I eat any more usually, it's just that I couldn't pick at anything I wanted, I had to stop and think.

I stuck with it though and by the end of the day I felt I had made a good start. :)

I'm following the slimming world plan as much as I can because I've had success with it in the past and so I'm sort of comfy with it.

So on Tuesday my eldest son decided he wanted to take me out for a subway. I tried to explain I'm on a diet now but he pointed out I could make healthy choices and plus he wanted us to go for lunch together ...

So here I am in Subway....

I made sure to keep within my diet and I think it wasn't too bad.
I had the turkey and ham with salad, no sauces or anything.

He offered me chocolate as well but I'm proud to say I stood firm over that one, although my conscience makes me admit I stole a couple of his chilli doritos.

It's now day three and I'm still on track. :)

I'm saving my syns to have a glass of wine and a chocolate treat at the weekend and hope that won't affect my weigh in on Monday morning.
One thing I am realising is, I don't drink enough ... and I don't mean the ole vino either, lol ... nope, I need to start getting more into water again.

Can a cup of tea count as water?? That would help.

Anyhow, I'm taking my marginally more healthy bod off to clean out the budgie and the hamster now.
The joys of pet ownership, haha.



  1. You go don't look heavy at all in your pic....You take a nice picture...and yes you can drink tea...just don't add too much sweetener of any tea will help with weight loss as it has tons of caffine so drink it too close to bedtime...and try some peppermint tea...I like it with just a little milk tastes like a candy cane....any way good luck girl and may you reach your goal easily and quickly..

  2. I wanted to start a diet this past Monday as well, then I rationalized that it would be a waste as Easter was this coming Sunday... and I plan to eat a lot. So kudos for starting out strong and having the willpower. Subway is always nice! The Mom always tempts me when I decide to diet as well. :/

    To answer your question, yes tea counts as water. When trying to increase your intake it's better to think of it as 'liquid' than 'water'. Any beverage that is not carbonated counts as water. (I have read that for every carbonated beverage you consume you need to drink twice as much 'water' to counter for better hydration) Just be mindful that juices, fruit drinks, and tea (depending on what you put in it) can be 'hidden calories' so you might want to use some moderation. Good Luck!

    1. Thanks Rosalind, I don't really drink carbonated beverages much, so I'm ok there. I more drink tea with milk, but I use the milk from my allowance and fruit teas.
      If you decide to start after the weekend, do come back and let me know and hopefully we can cheer each other on.

      Thanks so much for coming over and leaving me a comment.


  3. Thanks Vikki, I really am though. It was probably the camera angle.
    I will try and get the nerve up to post one that shows me in my full glory or shall we say, 'pleasantly plump' state.

    I'll post a warning beforehand though, don't want to be responsible for any nightmares after viewing. haha.


  4. You have to enjoy life too Kim, lunch with elder son sounds delightful.You have determination and that is very important.I drink my fair share of tea,can't have alcohol it makes me itch terribly,so I have developed a liking for all sorts of teas,Twinnings Lady Grey and Rose Tea are two favourites,my tea drinking doesn't affect my weight and I use semi skimmed milk or no milk depending on the tea.enjoy your wine and chocolate treat at the weekend:-):-)


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