Friday, 25 April 2014

Syn saving

So today is Friday and I've managed to get through the week so far using just 12 syns.

3 for some quorn sausages I had one day and 9 on a crime egg!!
Yes, the creme egg has been renamed. haha
I was messaging my friend about our days, as we're both on this eating plan and my ipad decided to change what I was typing to crime instead of creme. So being as we're dieting, eating chocolate could be considered a bit of a crime, plus it has to be syned, it made us laugh and 'crime egg' it's remained. lol

So I have 58 yummy big syns left for today, Saturday and Sunday!! Wooohooo. :)

I do worry a bit that because I do it this way rather than even it out over the week my weight loss will suffer on the Monday weigh in, but it didn't seem to make a difference last week, so I tried it again this week. If I don't lose anything, I'll have to rethink my syns. Oh it's lovely though, to get to the weekend and know you can have treats.

This week has been a busy week, so I haven't taken any pictures but hopefully next week will be better and I can put a few things up to show you.

Over the holiday weekend I had to have my youngest son to the emergency dentist at the hospital because the inside skin at the corner of his mouth had become impaled on the hook on the brace bracket on his top canine tooth!!
He was in a lot of pain but they managed to get the cheek off and we had to keep the hooks covered with wax until we could get to his orthodontist on Tuesday.

Then I've been helping my mum sort some things out which has meant going out to appointments. She is amazing, she does so well.

Anyhow, the upshot of that was that I didn't have time to pick at anything during the day but the downside is I didn't manage to drink quite as much water as I wanted either.
I'm trying to improve my body water and drink more.

The scales I weigh on tells me my weight, BMI, body fat and body water.
I have to get my weight, BMI and body fat down and my body water reading up!
So best I go get a glass of water and get on with it!!


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  1. you know I think knowing that you can "syn" helps you not to. You know what I mean? Now it is just not so appealing right? I have a hard time drinking enough water...I drink alot of iced tea...I am here cheering you go girl


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