Monday, 14 April 2014

The start of the challenge!!!

This blog is for me to see my weight loss journey, to record the highs (I hope to have some of these!!!) and the lows (I'm expecting these for sure) and to look back over and hopefully gain motivation.

I've tried to lose weight before and just given up as I really seem to struggle at shifting the weight now days, no matter how good I try to be.
I think the time of life I'm in, my health issues and general life style all contribute to this.

Well now I'm seeing just how dangerous to me this extra weight is and I really know things have to change now or I'm in big trouble.

So after much needed encouragement by a lovely friend, I'm starting afresh. I weighed myself today and found to my horror I am only 1lb lighter than I was at my heaviest when pregnant with my second son. Considering I was massive at that time, due to his health issues, this has been a big wake up call. I don't want to fail before I even start, so I'm setting myself small goals so I can have some hope of getting there!! So 7lb is the first one. Hoping for a lb a week, if possible. I'll weigh myself again next Monday and hope for good things!!!!

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  1. I can definitely relate to weight gain that is difficult to shift as I have got older.aiming for 7ib loss at a time is a great idea. Go Kim... :-)

  2. I am here!! I would suggest a smaller goal..maybe 3 or 4 pounds..and if you lose more well how awesome is that? I hope you are drinking lots of water..eating smaller portions..more fruits and fibre (not sure about the spelling), move just a little more each not let yourself feel hungry..leads to smaller meals more often..and move move move...hugs...and you can do this....

  3. Lesley and Vikki, thank you both SO much for coming over to encourage me. I appreciate that loads!!!

    I just realised, the way I wrote my goal down, it sounds like I expect to do that in a week, lol.
    No if I lose a lb a week I'll be so happy!!
    I just meant rather than think about all the weight I need to lose, I'll just set myself a goal of 7lb and when I get to it (hopefully I will!!) then I'll set another goal.
    So I hope to do it slowly but surely.

    Great advice too!! I know I must think more about portions and also the water too.

    Thanks girls!!



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