Sunday, 20 April 2014

Weekly review.

So this week has actually been easier than I expected it to be, except for one day, maybe Wednesday or Thursday, when I really struggled.
I think lack of syns played a part in that though. It would probably have been better to use my syns over the week for the first week or so but I really wanted to save them for a chocolate treat and some wine.

Well I have eaten some lovely healthy meals and really enjoyed them.
I love omlette and have enjoyed a few with different fillings.

I've had jacket potatoes and pasta, quorn and toasted sandwiches, made in the sandwich press with bread from my HEb choice and healthy fillings. The good thing with the sandwich press is you don't need to butter the bread at all, so it's yummy and filling but not off the plan at all.

It's really been enjoyable and I haven't even found it hard to say no thanks to treats such as these

But I haven't deprived myself as I've enjoyed my syns and am now left with only 10 1/2 for today.

I enjoyed some maltesers, 9 syns

A yummy glass of wine. 7 syns

And the absolute treat of treats .... a cadbury creme egg!!!

I was given that as a present from my dear and lovely friend who is also on her own weight loss journey.
Wasn't that so amazing of her?
I can tell you I nibbled and savoured each morsel of it.
I've also decided that at 9 syns, the same as 37g of maltesers, I'm convinced the creme egg wins hands down for comforting chocolately synfulness!!!

So tomorrow is going to be my first weigh in and I've already decided that even if I've got no loss yet, I'm sticking with it and keeping focused, so if you're following my journey, tune in tomorrow for week one results.


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