Monday, 21 April 2014

Weekly weigh in. Week 1

First weigh in and it's good news.

Lost 2lb!!!!!


So happy.

Oh, and I've made an agreement with Steve. He will give a £1 for every lb I lose but if I put a lb on, I pay £1 back.

Good incentive to keep with it.

Ok, week two here I come!!!!



  1. Hello Sis!

    Steve is so funny! Really supporting you and making sure you're keeping on tract, LOL!

    And congratulations on the 2lb loss. At first I've read 21lbs and I thought, wow! Then I read again, hahaha!

    Miss you sis! Did you receive my email?

    Take care always please.


    1. Hi Toni,
      Lovely to see you on here with me!! I'll be glad to have you cheer me on. :)

      The last email I got from you was on 7th of this month, which I replied to but haven't heard anything since.
      If you like we could use one of my other email addresses and see if that's any better?
      Same as the one you have but with on the end instead of the talktalk address.
      Hope all is ok with you and the family sis
      Lots of love and hugs always
      x x

      Hope all is ok with you??


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