Monday, 26 May 2014

Weekly weigh in. Week 6

Six weeks!!

I can't believe it's been six weeks now but I do have to say I feel much better for it even if there hasn't been an amazing difference yet.

So I was a bit nervous about this weeks weigh in, what with the party last night.

It was so good to have C there as well to discuss the possibilities with and keep each other focused, what with the tables heaving with calorific goodness!!

However, I stuck to water to drink, had pasta, rices and no meats, no pastry, lots of salad.
For the dessert I didn't touch cake, cheesecakes or the droolfest chocolatey goodies.
I did allow myself some trifle as a treat, after all I had saved 33 syns but I added some fresh fruit and averted my eyes from the call of those yummylicious desserts dripping calories in my direction.

It all paid off too because I got up this morning dreading the weigh in and had an amazing surprise!!!

Weekly weigh in. Week 6

I lost 1lb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't believe it!!!

I weighed myself three times just to check, but yes it's true!!!
That means I've lost 5lb in total now.

So happy.


Friday, 23 May 2014

Getting back up to date

I'm so annoyed with myself, not updating for the last two weigh in's.
I really must do better with it.

So let's get up to date.

Weekly weigh in. Week 4

I maintained!! Again!!

I'm actually starting to see a bit of a pattern here and am wondering whether it's actually that I'm only losing 1/2 per week, so it comes up as lost a lb, maintained, lost a lb, maintained.

Oh well ...

Weekly weigh in. Week 5

Lost a lb!!!!

I was excited to see it go down but I wish it was at least 1lb a week.
Still, mustn't give up. Focus, focus, think of long term happiness and not of chocolate and gooey cakes!!!

I'm struggling this week because I'm trying not to use too many syns and I really am feeling the lack of them.

C and I are both off to a party with a special meal this Sunday, so we are saving up syns to compensate.
The problem I'm having is first that I'm really, really missing having treats and second, that I weigh myself first thing on a Monday so I can just see the scales screaming out under the weight of all those synful calories!!!

It's a one off special anniversay party, so not like we do it every week but I just hope, hope, hope it doesn't cause a gain.

Monday will tell!!!


Monday, 5 May 2014

Weekly weigh in. Week 3

I lost 1lb!!!!!

So happy. :)

How weird though that last week I felt thinner and lost nothing. This week I didn't really but I lost!!

It was so funny though because I didn't have my reading glasses on to weigh myself, as I convince myself it will add weight, lol
So I couldn't read the scale straight off. It shows weight, then BMI, then body fat, then body water.

I missed the weight on the first one by the time I got my glasses on, read the wrong one for the body fat etc and actually thought I'd put a lb on!!! I was so upset, I couldn't see how it was possible as I've stuck right to it.

Anyhow, getting on again, I got the correct readings and was SO happy!!!

Actually C has lost 1lb this week as well, so we've been congratulating each other.
It's so nice doing it with someone. You really do understand how each other feels and can upbuild and motivate each other.
Onto week 4 and hopefully we'll both do well again.

We have a goal of losing 1/2 a stone but a longer term goal for us both is a stone by mid to late August.
So we HAVE to keep with it!!

I'm still not brilliant with increasing my glasses of water but I keep trying each week and hopefully I'll improve.

So, have a great week and I'm off to grab a glass while I think of it!!