Friday, 23 May 2014

Getting back up to date

I'm so annoyed with myself, not updating for the last two weigh in's.
I really must do better with it.

So let's get up to date.

Weekly weigh in. Week 4

I maintained!! Again!!

I'm actually starting to see a bit of a pattern here and am wondering whether it's actually that I'm only losing 1/2 per week, so it comes up as lost a lb, maintained, lost a lb, maintained.

Oh well ...

Weekly weigh in. Week 5

Lost a lb!!!!

I was excited to see it go down but I wish it was at least 1lb a week.
Still, mustn't give up. Focus, focus, think of long term happiness and not of chocolate and gooey cakes!!!

I'm struggling this week because I'm trying not to use too many syns and I really am feeling the lack of them.

C and I are both off to a party with a special meal this Sunday, so we are saving up syns to compensate.
The problem I'm having is first that I'm really, really missing having treats and second, that I weigh myself first thing on a Monday so I can just see the scales screaming out under the weight of all those synful calories!!!

It's a one off special anniversay party, so not like we do it every week but I just hope, hope, hope it doesn't cause a gain.

Monday will tell!!!


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