Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Musings ...

I've been thinking over this diet and for the most part I find it really good and I enjoy it. I think though that I do struggle to cut back on my syns. When I was having the full 70 I found it much easier as I could have little treats as well but I've been trying to not use all 70 so as to assure myself of a weight loss.

So I'm thinking that if I want my syns, I need to exercise regularly, yes, you did hear that word fall from my lips ... EXERCISE!!
I did do a little a few weeks ago but I soon settled myself back into the ease of inactivity and told myself that I would start on it one day soon.

Well, sadly for me, I think that day is here. If I want syns, I have to work for them. So I will make the effort to get exercising henceforth and will report back to let you know if I've actually done anything or not.

Now I don't want to depress myself so I won't dwell on that thought right now but instead on yummy meals ....


Now on that happy note I'll leave you for now and go have a happy hour of relaxation with my beloved crochet.

Take care!


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