Sunday, 15 June 2014

Weekly weigh in. Week 8

Bit late in putting up this past Monday's weigh in result.

Happy to say I lost 1lb!!

I was looking at my stats from over these past weeks and yes it's slow progress but it is going in the right direction, so I am just going to push on and hope I can continue to lose.

Sometimes I just really want to splurge and eat what I like and not care but the thoughts of how I'm going to feel right after I finish chomping that choccy delight keeps me on track.

C has been on holiday for two weeks but we have kept in touch still and that's helped us to keep encouraging each other.
I was so happy when she arrived home, weighed her self and had the wonderful present of a 2lb loss!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How many people manage that?
I'm so proud of her. I just know if it had been me who went away we'd be looking at a 2lb gain!!

Anyhow, what a boost for her diet. :D

So tomorrow is week 9 weigh in for me, but I don't think I'm going to get a loss as I've been a bit bloated with a certain time of the month and even though I tried to hold back on some of my syns, I don't feel confident that it's going to be good news.

Oh well ....

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