Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Weekly weigh in. Week 11

I was feeling fairly confident this week. I had been very good with my syns and was only at around 40 something.
I had been very good on my meals. I had everything to hope for ... and then I weighed myself.

Imagine stepping oh so confidently onto those scales and then seeing that you MAINTAINED!!!!!!!!!

I really don't know why, unless it's evening out from losing 2lb last week.

At anyrate, the stats did show a little change still, so that's something.


10st 8lb
Body fat
Body water

So to save you looking back to compare, last week it was this:

10st 8lb
Body fat
Body water

So small changes, but at least it's something!!

Will this week be any better??

I'm a bit concerned because my youngest son has decided he wants to learn to cook from scratch, so we are eating more healthily and less convenience foods, which is fantastic!! The problem comes from me eating this food along with them all.

On Monday night we made homemade beefburgers with a yogurt dressing and salad with olive oil and viniagrette dressing.
It was really yummy!!

Beefburger is generally considered a fast food type of thing, but seeing as it was all made from scratch and I made the roll/bun it went into as well, it wasn't really an unhealthy option.

C sat and helped me work it all out last night and as I had saved my heb for the roll and I had an original/red day, that sorted out the meat. The only thing that really cost me any syns was the oil.

After I made a banana and passion fruit smoothie. I used milk from my allowance, so the only thing that cost syns there was the honey I added.

Last night, Tuesday, was a little more heavy on the syns but still, we think, within where I should be.

We made homemade chicken chow mein from scratch.

I used the original/red day to count for the chicken. I had to syn the olive oil and the noodles though, they added up a bit with the sauce too. All in all though, I think I'm ok syn wise and I have to say both meals were pretty yummylicious!!

I think we're just going to throw some ingredients together tonight, rather than follow a recipe and see what comes out. I had planned lasagne but now I'm thinking, 'let's just experiment' LOL

So anyhow, I'll try my best to syn concious. I do want to join in and enjoy his meals with him though as that's half the fun of cooking together.
Ah well, next weigh in will tell the tale, lol

Take care!!


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  1. Dear Sis,

    You know, ever since I saw this post last Wednesday, I have been craving for hamburger, the thick one! LOL! I was just not able to post a comment as our connection has been on and off always. That's why I am posting this as early as I can today.

    Congratulations on your discipline! When it comes to food, mine is really bad. Specially during dinners that we eat together, it is so hard to avoid eating to much, LOL!

    Regarding the Madli shawl, it's finished Sis and I will post it soon.

    Take care Sis, miss you always!

    Hugs and lots of love,


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