Thursday, 28 August 2014

Weekly weigh in. Week 19

So I was away for a long weekend and it was very difficult to get specific food but I think I did well in the sense I ate salad's and plain sandwiches where possible.
The thing I fell down on was that I allowed myself treats!

I think having been SO good for so long and feeling that even when I was really good, I still hadn't the results I felt that deserved, I just about gave up on myself.

So it was with massive trepidation I approached those scales on the Monday.
The results??

11st 4lb
Body fat
Body water


Well it's funny how your prospective can do such a flip. I was actually relieved to see those numbers this week, lol
Everything exactly where it was before I went away and believe me I did NOT deserve it to be that way.
I deserved to put on.

So I must admit I found it hard to get back in the mind set the first few days but I think I'm back on track and refocused on achieving that 1lb loss and getting to my first stone loss at last!!!!

Even if it doesn't happen this week, I'm still sticking with it.

Onwards and upwards and definitely not OUTWARDS!!!

I'll be back on Monday with the next weigh in.


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