Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Almost sabotaged!!

So you go shopping to buy all the good things, the fruit, the veg, the things that will help and be good for you but then you stumble upon this!!!

M&M's chocolate cake.

Now, I ask you, could you walk away??

I couldn't. Not at that price. £10.00 down to £1.56 ... It would be a crime to leave it there.

It has taken every ounce of determination to not touch it, not even just a smidgen.
I have cut it into pieces, I am serving it up to the family and feeling very noble as I pass it up and reach for an apple or nectarine etc instead.

One little piece ... Just think of that chocolatey yummyliciousness awaiting you, says one part of me .... No!! No!!! NO!!!! Says the other.

Which will win??

Hmmm ......

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