Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Weekly weigh in. Week 30

So I've made a change.
It's just a little change really but I hope it's enough to sort me.

I changed my weigh day from Monday to Wednesday. I hope this will help when I save syns to use over the weekend, give them time to readjust before weigh day.

So I didn't weigh on Monday this week but today is Wednesday and here's the weight stats.

10st 3lb
Body fat
Body water

So I'm pretty much back where I was now for my 1 stone loss, so back to my lowest weight I had got to. 
It's a fitting place to be for my new push.
I'm going to really give it a good go and try for a great week.
My new goal is to get out of the 10's and see a 9 at the start of my weight, so about a 4lb loss. But seeing that 9 will really be a great motivator as its years now since I last saw it.

Hoping for a good week!!!!


Weekly weigh in. Week 29

Weight 10st 4 lb
Body fat
Body water

1lb gain

So things are not going well since my holiday. I'm up and down like a yo yo and there's just no real motivation.
I'm glad I'm not totally messed up in the sense of gaining loads back but I'm definitely not in the zone and it's like I'm just going to keep playing around round these few lb's area.

I need to refocus.