Wednesday, 29 April 2015


My last post was in February and I have been on and off this diet since then like a yoyo.
I couldn't seem to really buckle down to it again and I would be good, splurge, be good etc and on and on, like a hamster on a never ending cycle of events.

Well I could give all kinds of reasons as to why it has been and is, too difficult for me to stick with this but that won't help me change my mindset. It only gives me excuses that I can use to try and justify to myself for my lack of will power and motivation.  
No, excuses are totally pathetic!! No, what I need is a goal and some determination. I need to really, really WANT to get back to it and try.

So I have dutifully and with much fear and trepidation, got back on the scales. I recorded the result and once again I intend to write it all down here and hope that will help get me back on track. 

My first goal is to see a 9 again instead of the 10 in the stones of weight. I forgot to record the ounces as well this week, so I can't remember if I was nearer to the 6lb or the 5lb. 
From now on though I'll record the whole weight so I can see even tiny changes.

So here it is

10st 5lb, (145lb, 65.77kg)
Body fat
Body water

If I never try, it'll never change.

Any comments of support or help are welcome. 
I'm going to do the slimming world diet myself at home.

Let's do this!!!!!

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