Monday, 30 November 2015

Starting over.

Well I never got to do that re-start last time, due to everything that kicked off and has since happened here, but although things are still on going, I'm going to make a good effort to get back on track with this diet.

I have to.

I'm almost back to where I was when I first started dieting. Also, I'm back up on my reflux medication to taking it every other day, whereas I was down to every third day and getting towards where I thought it might even be possible to improve on that!

I'm going to post my weight again and keep like a diary almost, of how I'm doing in the week, when I'm doing well and when I'm feeling challenged by it and hope that helps to keep me on track!!

I'm doing this at home, not going to a slimming world group, but I will probably follow the slimming world diet plan.

So  .....

10st 13lb 4oz (153lb) (69.4kg)




Oh my!! That actually makes me cringe looking at it written down.
But that's all to the good!!
Hopefully it will help me stick on track.

So off to have breakfast now and
hopefully a good first day!!

Happy dieting

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