Monday, 16 October 2017

10 week challenge

Today was the day I set for myself to start a 10 week challenge on slimming world, but it nearly didn't happen. 
The original plan was to have some breakfast and then go to aldi to pick something up for a slimming world tea, which I was going to plan over my breakfast, lol
As it was, I had a call from my father in-law first thing and so was in a&e with him, as he needed his ankle checked out. 
I ended up getting home at 2pm having had nothing more than some water all day, which meant I was starving and so very, very tempted to just grab something and not bother with the plan. 

I'm happy to report though that I stayed determined, kept on plan totally and haven't even had any syns yet! 

So...  Now for the stressful bit. Looking at the starting stats.... Eek!!! 


11st 2lb 6oz (156lbs, 70.76kg)


Body fat

Body water

I'm hoping to use this blog as a little journal as well as a weekly weight recorder to help keep me focused and motivated as I'm doing this myself from home. Going to group isn't an option for me at the moment so for now, it's just a case of getting my books back out and doing my best. 

So I'll be posting through the week as well as doing my weekly weigh in's. 
I'm setting myself a 10 week challenge in the hopes it feels less daunting but that once I've got started and hopefully seeing some improvements, I'll just want to keep going. 

Until next time....


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