Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Food, food, food!!!

I seem to have spent my whole day focusing on food!

It's been a good on plan day though. Although I seem to have eaten loads!!

So I started with cereal and banana, washed down with a lovely cup of tea, meaning that's the a and b choices gone for the day already. 

I ate a couple of pieces of fruit through the morning, then it was lunchtime....

A 2 egg tomato and mushroom omelette, with salad leaves, and the rest of the tomato and mushroom. 

So I really enjoyed this. I swirled a bit of marmite in this when I was cooking it, I thought it made it pretty tasty. 

Then for tea I decided to try a slimming world recipe.
I went for the Easy tuna pasta bake. 3 syns per serving. 
I added much more veg. and didn't season either. I don't ever add salt or pepper to my cooking anymore because most people season at the table as well, getting a bit of a double dose! 
I do like seasonings but I like to taste the actual food as well. 

I put it with more salad, so plenty of speed in this!!

I feel pretty full but I still have 7 syns for today plus 4 from yesterday if I feel peckish later. 

I'm aiming for 2ltrs water per day.
I'm on 1,200ml so far but am determined to get that last 800ml down before bed!!

So, a good day plan wise. 

Looking forward to tomorrow now.



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