Tuesday, 24 October 2017

The water cycle

One thing I don't understand is the whole water issue when it comes to weight loss.

We weigh more at times because we retain water and yet it's drinking loads of water that seems to really help up our weight losses.
If we are retaining water the advice is to drink more!! And it works!!
It definitely makes a difference to me.
But why?!

I'd love to understand that concept more.
I have to make a mental note to research that.

I'm setting myself a goal of drinking 2000ml per day but I count the odd cup of tea within that figure as well.
I do like water but I find I struggle to drink that amount for some reason but if it's going to help me shed some pounds, I'm all for it.

I have a kids drinking bottle that measures 500ml filled right up and I'm aiming at 4 per day eventually with any cups of tea as an extra amount.
I've cut back on tea and I'm drinking mostly 2 but sometimes 3 per day.
At one point that was probably it for my liquid intake. I definitely didn't drink enough.

Now though, I'm intending to change that and get that water cycling through this bod, hopefully washing all this fat out with it!

Let's do this!!!


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