Saturday, 28 October 2017

The wisdom of Water.

I knew it was good for you to drink water but never really gave it much more thought, however after researching into water and water retention, I'm seeing it in a whole new light.

Water helps convert our fat into useable energy, but if we aren't drinking enough, then our kidneys get overwhelmed with concentrated fluids and that then makes our liver have to do extra work.

Our liver should be working hard to turn our body fat into useable energy but if it has to go help out kidneys, then that extra fat is just held onto because the liver is too busy doing the job that the kidneys would have been doing, had they had enough water!

Now here comes the water retention bit ...
Because of this situation, our body then starts to retain existing water to reuse, almost like it were in a famine situation and this is what causes water retention and bloating.

So the best way to get rid of this and return our bodies back to normal service, so to speak, is to give it that water it craves.

Apparently once we start to do that we'll find we get thirsty more often and this then starts to kick our body into a more healthy cycle of water hydration, but once we start to slack off, our body will go back to the water retaining mode and the whole bad cycle starts again.

So it's down to us and really, considering the way water affects our health generally, it's something we really need to get good at.

Water lubricates our joints and organs, it maintains our muscle tone, keeps our skin elastic and helps soften it, it regulates body temperature, filters out impurities, helps our brain function and transports nutrients to and from our cells.

What an amazing resource!!

I've fallen short on my 2ltr goal at times but I'm definitely going to make a better effort from now on. Apparently, it's best to sip it through the day rather than just chucking a big amount down your neck in one go.
That only results in a desperate dash to the toilet, but sipping often throughout the day is best for the body.
You can tell it's working well if you notice your urine being consistently light coloured, apart from the first one of the day of course.

Here's a brief look at how my water consumption has been.
I'm going to see if I can improve this from now and hopefully that should help my weight loss as well.

So, now we know just how important water is to our health and we have every reason to start raising our glasses to more weight loss successes!

Cheers everyone!


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