Monday, 20 November 2017

Enjoying food SO much, but without the guilt!

I'm having such a good week with my food and really enjoying eating so healthily. It's so great as well to have no guilt.

Usually it's a case of feeling bad after a good meal and maybe regretting choices while feeling bloated and gross.
Either that or feeling bad because I've just grabbed a pizza or packet meal for quickness.

Not now. I feel SO much better. I'm really enjoying eating 'real' food.
I like planning what to make.
I don't even mind cooking from scratch, in fact I really like it.
The only down side is the amount of washing up we're left with after, haha.

I've tried two SW recipes this week and also just tried to eat a good amount of salad or vegetables with my meals.

I've decided I like keeping a food diary.
It definitely helps to keep me focused and I'm planning to continue even after the first four weeks of handing in diaries to my SW consultant ends.

Speaking of slimming world, I got a lovely email today from the head office asking how I was getting on and making sure I didn't need anything.  Wasn't that nice?

Anyway, a few of this weeks meals ...

Yummy or what?!


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