Friday, 17 November 2017

Recipe of the week! Week 1 SW recipe.

I decided Im going to try and make at least one SW recipe a week, or at least a new variation of one I've already tried.

So week one's recipe was SW diet coke chicken.

I've been curious about this one but was just unwilling to try it when I did SW last time, so with my new decision of trying new things I decided to make this the first one on my list.

So here it is!

I really enjoyed making this.

I stuck to the exact recipe, but you could add anything that you wanted really and so I do plan to make this again with different vegetables at some point.

It looks quite liquid while cooking.

But it reduces down towards the end to a lovely thickish sauce and it tastes delicious!!

I was reminded while cooking this, of exactly how much I enjoy cooking from scratch, if only time and life allows!

Anyhow, week ones SW recipe was a resounding success, so a big thumbs up from me for this one!! 👍

I'm looking through to choose one for week two now!

All part of the excitement of this better way of eating and it's helping to keep me focused and on plan as well.

All good stuff


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