Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The first week.

So the first week on plan has been a mixture of good and bad for me, in the sense that I was unwell the first few days, so didn't eat properly.

Since then though, I've been right on plan and even been easy on my syns as well.

So here's a few of the meals I've enjoyed.

We've also had to take Father in law for a meal out and there wasn't much choice in the way of SW friendly meals, so I just made the best choice I could.
A spaghetti bolognese dish.
I had only had one cup of tea that day, so the rest of my hea choice covered the parmesan on it and I know the mince was steak mince, so not sure about fat content or how it was cooked.  So I put 10 syns to cover everything.

Hopefully that will keep me on plan.

So.... first weigh in tonight.
I'm half excited and half not.
Mainly because I just don't seem able to lose much at a time generally and so for the amount of effort I have to put in with my will power etc, it seems a shame not to see a bigger loss by comparison to how some people lose.
I wish I was able to do the same.

Anyhow, tonight all will be revealed!!

Let's hope for good news!!


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