Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Weekly weigh in. Week two.

So this week I was expecting a gain. 

There is a situation in my life that is very difficult to put up with and I seem to have a tendency to eat my emotions. 
So it was with much trepidation that I faced those scales this morning.

However, to my surprise there was no gain, in fact there was a very slight loss ... 6oz, yay me!!! .... but what was really interesting to me, was the changes that appear to be taking place in my body.

The body fat and body water measurements made me do a double take. I thought I'd read it wrongly. 

Let's jump right in and look at those stats.

10st 0lb 2oz (140lb, 63.5kg)


Body fat

Body water

Last week:

10st 0lb 8oz (140lb, 63.5kg)


Body fat

Body water

I'm so glad I have these scales because if I had just weighed myself on a normal scale I would have thought I had just had a maintain and maybe felt a bit like giving up or not felt so motivated but seeing those stats shows that actually my body is going through very definite changes still and very positive changes that really, actually are a big deal within my weight loss journey. 

So,  happy days!!

Who would have thought you could be so very happy with a maintain, haha


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  1. Excellent Kim, you’re doing fantastic. I never thought about taking the statistics of water/fat (my scales must be similar to yours)

    Big thumbs up


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